About Us

We are a family run business that specialises in, and is dedicated to, providing you with the best handpicked Paphos apartments and Paphos villas for holiday rental and long term rent in the Paphos region of Cyprus. We only provide apartments and villas in Paphos, which enables us to focus our expertise solely in the Paphos area; giving us a vast and expansive knowledge of the best Paphos apartments and Paphos villas available for holiday rental and long term rent. We have two offices, one in Surrey; UK and one in Paphos; Cyprus. The Surrey office deals primarily with the bookings of Paphos apartments and Paphos villas and any other queries you may have prior to departing for Paphos. The Paphos office is on hand to assist with any issues you may have once you arrive in Paphos. We pride ourselves on our customer service being the best it can be and want you to come back and use us again and again. We don't just take your money and then forget about you, we do our best to make sure everything runs like clockwork from start to finish and will do our best to help with anything you may need, so feel free to ask! 

PLEASE NOTE: We operate a 'client account' with Barclays Bank. All customers monies paid to Paphos Holiday Rental Ltd are placed into the 'client account', the 'client account' is a protected account so you can rest assured with the peace of mind that whatever monies you pay Paphos Holiday Rental Ltd they are completely safeguarded and not withdrawn until at least seven days after your holiday rental has ended.